Let’s look at why people would hire a private investigator to do surveillance:

First, what is Surveillance?

Surveillance is the close observation of a person, place, or object. It is the practice of watching a subject in order to document and identify any of the contact, interactions, or whereabouts of the subject. Surveillance investigations can include:

  • Cheating spouse investigations
  • Recurrent theft
  • Worker's compensation cases
  • Vandalism

Why Conduct Surveillance?

There are a number of reasons to conduct surveillance. Surveillance is conducted to prevent crime, to obtain evidence of a crime, to obtain evidence in civil suits, to document an individual’s location, to document activities in or around a specific location or building, to obtain information to be used in an interrogation, to gather intelligence, or to obtain information to be used in court.

Simply, you might need surveillance from a qualified private investigator at some point in your life. With marital infidelity on the rise, employee dishonesty increasing, and crime rates a concern for everyone across the country, surveillance is one way you can stay safe and secure. Surveillance gives you the facts and proof you need about those people you trust with your home, your children, your money, and your life.


Does Surveillance Affect Privacy?

Many people worry that surveillance affects their privacy. Often times, surveillance is a balance of security and privacy concerns. Thus, it's important to stay on the right side of the law. New privacy laws mean that surveillance through audio and video equipment as well as other forms of surveillance equipment can be restricted when not performed by a private investigator.

Can I Use Home Surveillance Systems?

If you want security surveillance for your home, home surveillance equipment usually causes very few legal problems. As long as you're not using home surveillance equipment to monitor people without their permission, you can generally use security surveillance equipment to keep your home safe from intruders. If, on the other hand, you are using surveillance techniques or surveillance equipment to observe potentially cheating spouses, potentially dishonest employees, or caretakers, you may be breaking the law.

Who Should Conduct Surveillance?

The best option is to hire a qualified private investigator. A professional investigator is licensed and insured to provide surveillance and to gather evidence through audio and video equipment. Plus, a professional investigator is often the most effective way to observe someone or something. Investigators are trained for years in order to be able to track down alleged criminals or uncover dishonesty in any form. Since private investigators are well-versed in current laws and often work with police and police investigations, you don't have to worry about legal impediments when you entrust your surveillance needs to investigator. Plus, investigators have access to various types of surveillance equipment--such as one-way mirrors, specialized equipment, and special vehicles--that can make surveillance more effective. If surveillance reveals illegal activity, evidence gathered by private investigators often stands up in court much better than evidence gathered by the average citizen.

Or you could commit time researching laws in your area or hiring a lawyer to find out whether your surveillance techniques are legal in your area. Of course, you can always stop surveillance entirely and just hope that the people you trust with your safety and security are, in fact, trustworthy. But let's face it: these alternatives either put you at risk or are expensive.

Looking for a Surveillance Investigator?

If you suspect that a spouse is cheating, that a nanny or babysitter is abusive, or that an employee is dishonest, it can be difficult to concentrate on everyday tasks. Why waste your time, energy, and stay up nights worrying? A single call to a private investigator can put you on the path to learning the truth.

With Pro PI, LLC, you don't even have to spend hours researching the best private investigators in your area. Contact us and we can take care of your surveillance needs for you.


Why get a Pre Marital Background Check?

Things to Look Out for in a Pre Marital Relationship:

You are in a pre-marital relationship where you are feeling uneasy and are not quite sure why. You might be seeing warning signs that your relationship, no matter how wonderful it seems, is not quite right without understanding what those signs are.

Premarital Background Check

How does your friend deal with his or her past? Is the past spoken about freely or do you feel like you are pulling teeth to get a simple answer about a mundane question such as where he or she went to school? Does your friend avoid topics about childhood experiences or the recent past? If so, your friend might be hiding something from you.

Have you met your friend’s family? If not, are there legitimate reasons for this? Do you think that the excuse that “they are embarrassing” is weak? Sometimes, people are hiding their family because of what the family knows rather than trying to protect you from embarrassing situations.

Pre-Nuptial Investigations

Does your friend blame everyone else for the problems in his or her life? Is it the “ex” that trashed the credit, ruined relationships between your friend and the children, or sent your friend into a financial spin? There is sometimes a line between the truth and a reluctance to take any responsibility for one’s actions that people who are hiding something are reluctant to take.

Have you spent time with your friend’s buddies or business acquaintances? Do they seem grounded? Or is your friend reluctant to introduce you to other people in his or her life? While your friend might tell you that you are too special to share with other people, your friend might also be trying to keep you away from disreputable associates.

Pre-marital Investigators

Has your friend asked for a loan or to use your credit cards? Is your friend overly interested in your financial status? This could also be a very strong warning sign.

If your friend lives out of town, is he or she easy to contact? Do you only have office numbers or a cell phone number? Have you considered that your friend might already be married?

Are you starting to think that your friend’s behavior towards you is becoming more intrusive than you would like? Are you beginning to think that the constant wanting to know where you are and what you are doing, which initially seemed flattering, is bordering on obsessive? You need help right now.

Contact Us Now

Pro PI, LLC is here to help you. We at Pro PI, LLC can find you the information that you need that will either put your concerns to rest or help you decide to remove yourself from what might become a difficult situation not only emotionally, but ultimately financially or physically.


An Overview of Spousal Surveillance

Investigating a cheating spouse is a delicate matter. Several important factors need to be considered before hand to help increase the odds of getting the proof you are seeking and to ensure that what the investigator finds is going to meet your needs.

The Big Decision: 

If you need to confirm suspicions about a cheating spouse or you already know what they are up to but need some independent evidence, we can help. One of the most important things to do is make the following decision ahead of time:

“Do I simply want to know what he/she is doing for peace of mind or am I looking for evidence of infidelity to get an advantage in court?”

This is very important for the simple reason that time is money. Our agency, like nearly all others, charge by the hour. If you are trying to establish infidelity and prove fault on the part of your spouse for purposes of gaining an advantage in a divorce action, more time, documentation and investigative work will be required. This will always involve preparing a very detailed report, making proper identification of the other person and likely conducting multiple days of surveillance demonstrating this behavior to show a pattern or get the footage that proves they are more than just "friends".

Fault in a Divorce Action: You should understand that each state has different rules concerning fault and distribution of assets based on same. If the courts in your state have the latitude to give one party more assets and/or alimony if fault (like a spouse cheating) is found, the reality is that infidelity is very common these days and some judges are reluctant to move away from a 50/50 split, despite proof of fault. An analysis of how this may affect your situation should be prepared by your attorney. Each state has varying laws about fault and its effect on judgments, so again consult with an attorney. If you are looking to use spousal surveillance to gain an advantage in court, then more often than not, multiple days of surveillance will be required to show a pattern of cheating.

"I Just Want to Know the Truth". For those of you looking for proof but not evidence for court, the surveillance can be easier and cheaper. Why? If your spouse tells you he/she is going to a co-workers retirement party after work but they actually drive to someone’s condo and let themselves in, you probably have all the information you need. A judge might need to see a bit more. Again, time is money and the more that you can narrow down "when", "where" and with "whom" your spouse is engaged in this type of behavior, the cheaper, easier and more productive the surveillance will be.


Another thing that we recommend is that you keep your expectations in the real world and not in Hollywood. For every case that a private investigator gets videotape of two people being intimate at a motel or in a car, we have another where we can only follow a spouse to some place like a large apartment building where they disappear out of sight in some common hallway. For some, this may be enough, but for others who need more information we may need to conduct additional surveillance and investigative procedures to get more information about where he/she is going or whom they are with. Although this can be frustrating, it is sometimes unavoidable. Other times, your spouse may simply do whatever they said they were going to do: go to the mall, meet a friend for dinner, and visit a relative. At Pro PI, LLC our professional field investigators capture a subject's activities discreetly and accurately. Unlike many others, we don't limit our surveillance to what can be seen from the window of a car. All of our operatives are equipped with state-of-the-art long-range and hidden video cameras. The only thing we cannot do is control what your partner will do or where they will go!
Being Discreet: 

You may not think that your cheating spouse would ever suspect someone is watching them.  The fact is that the majority of cheaters are well aware of the potential for someone to be watching. Cheating feels risky and exciting and watching over your shoulder is part of what all cheaters seem to do. Other times, the cheater is involved with someone else who is cheating making matters worse. There are also people, possibly like your spouse, who are just aggressive drivers, looking out for the police, extremely aware of their surroundings and all sorts of other habits which make pursuit more difficult. To deal with this, the private investigator may use multiple vehicles and investigators to get the job done right. This costs more, but two people can do a better job than one at following someone in traffic, in public places and anywhere else. Please understand that using multiple investigators on surveillance is the norm.


Although your spouse or significant other may spontaneously leave the house, likely meet the other person, all private investigators have multiple clients and lives outside of work. Sometimes our investigators will have another matter scheduled at that moment and we may not be able to initiate surveillance at extremely short notice. You have our promise that if it is possible, we will be there for you, but also try and understand if we cannot be available 24 hours a day.


Today, almost all investigators utilize video cameras to capture evidence. The days where an investigator's word was all you needed are gone. Videotape is more effective and does not lie. Make sure the investigator you work with has the proper equipment to capture evidence both from a car and inside a hotel, restaurant, bar or other public domain. Hidden, body worn cameras are a must are standard equipment for all of our investigators. If you are going to be involved in a divorce, understand that your investigator may need to testify about the video and the surveillance. Expect that he or she will charge you for their time in court. This is normal for experts.

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